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6/1/22 -Marvin Lepp meet & greet-Bismarck, ND

6/5/22- Parent Chapter regular meeting @7pm

6/6/22- Grand Forks City Council meeting/ Fufeng Plant

6/9/22- Devil's Lake Chapter start-up meeting

6/11/22-S.O.L. Vendor Booth @ White Earth Valley Rodeo

6/12/22-S.O.L. Vendor Booth @ White Earth Valley Rodeo

6/17/22- S.O.L. Vendor Booth @ Turkey BBQ Aneta, ND

6/18/22-S.O.L. Vendor Booth @ Turkey BBQ Aneta

6/19/22- Parent Chapter regular meeting @ Pour Decision's @7pm

6/20/22- Williston Basin Chapter regular meeting @River's Edge

6/23/22- Jamestown Chapter regular meeting

6/24/22- BBQ N BRONCS @White Earth Valley Rodeo/ S.O.L. Vendor Booth

6/26/22- Northern Region Chapter regular meeting @ 7pm in Lansford, ND

6/27/22- Grand Forks City Council meeting/Fufeng Plant

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